Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So do you like have a bathroom...?

Well yes, yes I do.

It always makes me want to laugh hysterically when someone asks me this.

Really? Do you think I'm a magical creature that doesn't make waste? Do I smell so bad you assume I never shower? (Yeah. That's right. I alluded to the fact that I use a toilet. Get over it.)

I think what they really mean to ask is, "What's your bathroom situation?"

I have a marine toilet, commonly called a head, on board. (Remember when I had to rebuild it?)

However, because my marina is awesome, I live RIGHT NEXT to the bathrooms. There is one boat that's slightly closer, but I couldn't begin to keep my boat in his slip (he's on the sea wall and my boat is too short for that!)

I have a personal access card to use one of four (or two in the winter) bathrooms.
 Each bathroom is its own room with a fold-down seat for putting clothes on, a toilet, a sink and a giant shower stall. Bathroom No. 3 is my personal fave because it has a really nice showerhead. And it's one of the ones only accessible with an access card (and therefore not open all day long for everyone to use).

So yes, readers. I have a bathroom. And I know how to use it!


  1. I think a shorter answer would have been "No, I do not. I have to use the Marina bathroom".

    1. Well I do have a bathroom... I just don't use it much. ;)

  2. I am so relieved to know you can be relieved.

  3. awesome!! this reminds me of when I took a trip with the Boy's family on their boat, and used the marina's showers + bathrooms the whole weekend! Yours looks pretty nice and well taken care of! and yay for being so CLOSE! that is definitely nice!! The Boy's parents' boat has a bathroom, but his fishing boat doesn't, and I am usually walking pretty far to the Marina bathrooms every time we go out fishing!