Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My nest...

Well winter is finally starting to rear it's ugly, cold head. And that means it's really hard to leave my nest bed in the morning.

I sleep in the v-berth of Misty Rose. The v-berth is essentially a compartment in the pointy part of the boat toward the bow.

My v-berth has the holding tank beneath it (there is a wooden platform that acts as the "floor" of the berth completely surrounding the tank, don't worry, you'd never know). On top of the holding tank platform is my bed.

I used to be a simple, one-sheet, one-blanket girl and then I spent my first winter aboard. And then I got an electric blanket during my second winter. And during my second summer I sprained my ankle and acquired a large number of pillows with which I propped my swollen ankle.

And I never got rid of any of it.

So what you see to the right here is my bed currently. Believe it or not, I had a couple more blankets last winter.

I won't apologize for the sheet not being fully tucked in. This is not a regular rectangular bed. You try making a triangular bed with a flat sheet and see how it turns out. So there.

Anyway, I've got in the back there the pink quilt I made in my sophomore year of college, a down comforter I bought in college, five or six pillows, a faux snuggie I carted in from the couch last night (it was cold!), my light cotton summer blanket and my beautiful and wonderful brown fuzzy electric blanket. That's its cord hanging down in the bottom left of the photo. And the cord on the right is very sneakily leading to my lamp/alarm clock. My Kindle is also hanging out on top of the lamp outside the frame. Along with about five half-drunk cups of water. Cause that's how I roll.

So for all you who want to know if it gets cold on the boat -- yes. Yes it does. But I can always just snuggle up in my bed and turn the electric blanket on high...


  1. I recognize your issues. We finally discovered flannel sheets a few years ago. They make SUCH a difference when you can see your breath in the boat! When we cruise, we scrimp on AC, and flannel sheets plus wool blankets equal snug sleeping in single-digit temps.

    1. Katherine, flannel sheets are on my to-do list for sure! Wool makes me itch like mad though, so I think I may stick to my down. :)

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  3. I'd never last on my boat without flannel sheets, wool comforters, wool blankets, and cashmere socks. ( A., while I can't wear wool, the blankets don't seem to bother me.)