Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahoy, me readers!

Of course I couldn't let International Talk Like a Pirate Day go unnoticed here on Diary of a Liveaboard. I talk like a pirate EVERY day, of course, but today, you all can join me!

So pull up a dead man's chest and let's have some rum! Yo, ho ho!

(Real post on the moldiness resulting from Tropical Storm Lee to come as soon as I can get home and snap some pictures. I also may NEED some rum to get me through this one... it's a disgusting tale or misery and mutinous mold.)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thirteen Thursday...

Continuing in my occasional series of blog memes, I am inspired to share thirteen things this Thursday:

1. So far at least 3 people have asked me if they can join me on the boat if our region continues to flood.

2. Did I mention that it's rained nonstop for a week? Everything on the boat is damp. I am running out of rags and paper towels.

3. Four people have suggested I buy a dehumidifier.

4. Dehumidifiers are large.

5. I have nowhere to put one.

6. I discovered this morning that my rubber boots have a hole near the pinky toe of my right foot.

7. I have had these rubber boots so long that I had forgotten how expensive rubber boots are.

8. As much as I love Target shoes, cute galoshes are not going to cut it.

9. I am pondering new internet access options and am soliciting opinions on Clear.

10. I have started seriously thinking about replacing the floor in Misty's cabin. I am thinking parquet.

11. Ditto purchasing a range.

12. I did not sleep more than an hour straight last night because of the thunder.

13. I'm getting nervous for winter again... I may need my mommy...