Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thirteen Thursday...

Continuing in my occasional series of blog memes, I am inspired to share thirteen things this Thursday:

1. So far at least 3 people have asked me if they can join me on the boat if our region continues to flood.

2. Did I mention that it's rained nonstop for a week? Everything on the boat is damp. I am running out of rags and paper towels.

3. Four people have suggested I buy a dehumidifier.

4. Dehumidifiers are large.

5. I have nowhere to put one.

6. I discovered this morning that my rubber boots have a hole near the pinky toe of my right foot.

7. I have had these rubber boots so long that I had forgotten how expensive rubber boots are.

8. As much as I love Target shoes, cute galoshes are not going to cut it.

9. I am pondering new internet access options and am soliciting opinions on Clear.

10. I have started seriously thinking about replacing the floor in Misty's cabin. I am thinking parquet.

11. Ditto purchasing a range.

12. I did not sleep more than an hour straight last night because of the thunder.

13. I'm getting nervous for winter again... I may need my mommy...


  1. I used Clear when living in Durham, NC and was pretty happy with it. However, you should try it out first to make sure the coverage is good where you are. If you are at the edge of the coverage-area it gets really slow.

  2. Mommy will make it better with margaritas

  3. Thank you especially for number 13.
    Do you go back and use lists you make much?

  4. I do, actually, go back and think about these lists. I almost always have a notebook and I keep continuous lists, and I check back to super old ones and make sure that stuff got done on a fairly frequent basis. Or at least I try to. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  5. Galoshes/boots: Mine were super cheap at the local surplus store.

  6. I was thinking of splurging and getting a pair of those Hunter boots. The reviews on Amazon are amazing...