Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving thanks for a happy life...

This Thanksgiving I'll be spending the day at the boyfriend's house and Misty will be all alone. Maybe she and the other boats will enjoy their own special Thanksgiving feast together. After all, Thanksgiving is a boating holiday, isn't it? I distinctly remember learning in Lower School about pilgrims and boats.

The world may never know.

Meanwhile, I'm giving thanks for my floating home, good food, electric blankets, friends and family that love me, a job (something I wasn't able to be thankful for last year!), internet that works, plenty of books to read and the best marina staff a girl could ask for.

Really, I am blessed beyond belief -- and today I am very thankful.

I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, readers, and I hope you have just as many things to be thankful for as I do.

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