Friday, October 22, 2010

It's good to have someone who can answer your stupid questions...

E-mail conversation between my dad and I about the range we're about to purchase for the boat:

SUBJECT: I know I sound stupid right now and I will probably write about this in my blog later...

... but what exactly do we want? CNG or LPG? Is LPG just propane?

<3 Allie


LPG is liquid propane gas. It’s what’s in the can.

LNG is liquid natural gas. You won’t get that, it really takes humongous pressure to liquify ng.

What we want is CNG, which is compressed natural gas.

This is the one I’ve always really liked. CNG is really popular in Europe; this is one that several of the Danes had. Note the nifty broiler you wanted.

Can we get a guarantee on one from one of the salvage yards?

Yeah. What he said. So what do you think, readers?

Finally shopping for the range of my dreams...


  1. The good news with CNG is that, if it escapes, it goes up.

    LPG is heavier than air so collects in the bilge which is a recipe for an explosion - sooner rather than later.

  2. Yeah, Hugh, that was my dad's huge worry. He read a story in Good Old Boat about this boat that exploded with its liveaboard couple inside. He wouldn't even entertain the idea of propane.

  3. Three burners and a broiler, that's good living.

  4. I Like it - I was expecting a little one burner thingie. that looks great!