Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The nerve...

So I dropped home today in the middle of the day to get something I forgot. It's pretty nice to be living so close to work, I must admit.

And I'm walking down the dock and I see a new boat next to me. I say hey and nod at the guy working on her and I keep walking.

As soon as I set foot on my boat, the guy goes, "Oh, I'm using your hose."

I look over and darn if he hasn't gotten my hose all uncoiled from the tower and connected it to his own hose to make it long enough to reach his boat. And his hose didn't look like the nicest hose on the block either. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I DRINK the water out of my hose. I don't want it connected all willy nilly to suspect hoses that may or may not have the plague.

"Sorry," he says completely in a completely unapologetic tone.

"Um, it's OK, I guess," I say. "Please be careful with it, it's my only hose and I need it for my water."

OK, so maybe that was a dumb thing to say. "I need it for water"? Really? What else do people use hoses for?

And in a totally bombastic tone, he goes, "I'm just filling my tank, I'll be done in a second."

What? Excuse me? You are using my hose and you're not even going to be polite about that fact that you're using my personal hose from my tower without permission?

I tell ya, the nerve of these sailors. Bold as brass.

And he didn't even coil it back up right.

This is a great example of my the principle of liveaboard life in a marina. The liveaboard is exponentially more likely to have gear used without permission or borrowed because the liveaboard, in fact, lives aboard and is exponentially more likely to have stuff for other marina denizens to steal or borrow. The more stuff, the greater the chances of having it beggared away. The more time you spend on a boat, the greater the chances of having more stuff.

See where I'm going with this?

I'll tell you where I'm going with this. I'm going to Wal Mart to get a lock for my damn hose!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog tonight. :)

    I love that you are living your dream ... on your boat. How cool! We recently moved to an island, which is pretty cool, too. We have to take a 45 minute ferry ride to get here.

    We have always encouraged our young adult Big Kids to follow their dreams and passions, which have taken them to many exciting places. My 21 y.o. daughter has been living in Argentina for 2 years, and has now found a wonderful young Argentine man. So, she may be there very long term.

    Enjoy your boat!


  2. Thanks! I don't know how I got linked to yours... maybe off of Dishpan Dribble? As an only child, large families have always fascinated me, so I read lots of blogs about large families/different lifestyles. I had a fun time looking through yours. And congrats to your daughter for also living the dream. ;)

  3. The entitlement culture is a sadness. What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine! I think the best possible thing is to develop the ability to make people really embarrassed when they step out of line.

  4. To be honest, I was just so flustered by the rudeness that I disappeared below to seethe in peace. I totally don't mind lending the odd screwdriver/extra line/cup of sugar. I just mind that he didn't ask and was rude to boot! Next time I'll give your method a try. :-P

  5. Oh my! Well, first of all - congrats on the dream job and the new location. I guess that's akin to moving, right? New slip? Sorry your neighbor's so rude. I have a tendency to be passive-agressive about situations like this (Lord forgive me!) I probably would have "borrowed" something of his next time he was out! Not saying you should, I think you acted admirably.
    God Bless!
    Shellie :)