Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trip planning...

Well, it's almost time for me to ship out to Baltimore. I've been living in Washington, D.C., on Misty Rose since August. The trip back to Baltimore is going to be a four day trip, stopping at different places overnight. We're planning to leave next Wednesday, and I'm deep in preparations for the trip.

When we took the boat to Baltimore, my friends Sam, Mark, Christine and I, it was August. Mostly we hung out in our swimming suits and got sunburns, swimming at night, grilling off the back of the boat for dinner. One day Mark, Sam and I ate half of a watermelon on deck (Christine wasn't there that day). It was really, really nice, despite some too-exciting-for-me-thank-you storms.

This time, we'll be heading out mid-December. Somehow I don't think swimming suits and watermelons will fit into the picture.

Last time I planned the majority of the trip while I was on vacation in Las Vegas with some girlfriends, which just added to the stress, especially since I was having trouble coordinating crew and I was having even more difficulty plotting our course.

This time should be smoother navigation-wise at least. I'm planning simply to reverse our August trip. We'll start in D.C. on Wednesday at the break of dawn (yeah, so not kidding). Hopefully I'll be able to find someone to go with me Monday or Tuesday to help me fuel up before the trip. Night one will be spent in the first anchorage acceptable for sailboats, Cobb Island. The next day we'll head to Solomons Island, followed by Galesville and, finally, Baltimore.

Since it will be so cold, and since it is, as of now, supposed to SNOW on Wednesday, I still need to go buy gloves since I lost mine in Iceland and some other miscellaneous items... like a hat... I'm also obsessively checking the 10-day forecast every few hours.

I still need to coordinate cars since not everyone will be coming for the entire trip, but this is also looking simpler than the last time. I guess what worries me most of all is the cold. I hate being cold. Like, really really hate being cold.

I think with three people aboard (though I'm HOPING for a fourth) there need to be two people on deck and one off. Hopefully it'll be nice and toasty warm below with the engine running. I've got tons of blankets and will be bringing a second Fuggie (faux snuggie) and my big down comforter so I can leave one with the v-berth and one with me (or whoever wants it).

Annnnnd... I also need to figure out what we're going to eat and bake what I need to bake and make ahead what I can. So that needs to be done too.

And I'm having people to the boat Saturday and I don't want anyone on it without a deep-cleaning, which I started tonight.... soooo.... I better get cracking. Sigh.

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