Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Touring the manse...

This is where I sleep, the v-berth. Note the down comforter. I have only one space heater so far, but I went to college in the Pennsylvania mountains. Down comforter it is!

Even though I live on a boat, a girl's gotta have her shoes. That pink bunny in the bottom right corner? My foot. A down comforter isn't enough. I need fleece pajamas. Don't judge me by my pink fleece footie pajamas. They're warm, OK?

The head. I cleaned it today and added "the blue stuff" since I was just pumped out. Moving on...

The center on my morning universe.

The galley! Note the absence of a stove. I have a single burner propane tank until my father finishes making a teak cabinet for a camp stove or until I save $2,000 to have a propane stove and enclosed tank put in. It's a draw on which will happen first...

My closet, aka the quarterberth. Funny story about how I used to keep my clothes in a cabinet that the head pumpout line ran through... good times. Now I keep them here.

The guest bedroom. The clothes hanging on the wall are hanging over a clock. My dad says the clock is worth a lot of money. It ticks. Loudly. Now it is an expensive coat rack. You can see my galoshes peeking out from underneath the coats.

The dining room/tv area/study area/place-I-spend-the-majority-of-my-time.

Lest you forget that I live on a boat, here is the backup propulsion system for when the wind fails me.

And that's my Misty Rose! (This last picture by my Mom.)

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  1. I am a claustrophobe, so I have the utmost repsect for you after touring "the manse"! - Meredyth